Book Back Cover Synopsis

Caught in the cross-fire between love, lust, and adventure sits Zoe with one hand clutching her knock-off Louis Vuitton, and the other clutching a Super Sized fry. What happens when this coquettish Montreal girl heads for jolly old England? The man of her dreams, the reality of a lonely world, and the promise of laugh-out-loud social blunders are just the beginning of her misguided adventures. Sit back and laugh as Zoe trips her way through the London underground and discovers the true meaning of “cockney.” This is one delightfully devilish novel you won’t want to miss.

Cattleman's Steakhouse Review

The best place to grab some great “Oklahoman” cuisine is at Cattleman’s Steakhouse (Oklahoma City). This quaint restaurant will have you feeling like you stepped back in time in order to taste a truly succulent steak in a way that only those born in Oklahoma know how to cook it. True to Oklahoma style, this steakhouse is nothing fancy, but it is a stop that you will not soon forget. While you are munching down on some home cooking, you might see a few modern day cowboys pull up to the hitches outside and strut their way across the room in order to satisfy outlaw appetites – this is all just a part of every day life deep in the heart of America. After your meal, grab a piece of home made apple pie, head back to your hotel, and revel in the satisfaction that you have experienced your own slice of America’s modern wild west.

Whisky Cafe Montreal

If you’d like to feel like a celebrity for a night head to Whisky Cafe on St. Laurent Street. This classy bar boasts a cigar lounge, and an impressive list of carefully selected whisky, brandy, scotch and wine. This bar is meant for lounging, sipping, and taking pleasure in life’s gluttonous offerings. The attention to detail at Whisky is mind-boggling. Wines have been paired with haute cuisine such as foie gras and salmon fumé, ice wine has been perfectly mated with five mouth watering Belgium chocolates (served to you on a silver tray), and port has met its match when it is served with chocolates and imported cheeses.

If you have a different kind of sweet tooth, head to the back of the café and enter into the plush, rat pack reminiscent, cigar lounge. Complete with tufted leather seating, red velvet walls, and intelligent artwork, this lounge was meant for thick cigars and a soothing glass of scotch. The cigar lounge staff will be happy to help you select a cigar from the cigar menu, or (if nothing within its built in humidor catches your attention) you may bring your own cigar from home, but you will be charged a cutting fee. A night spent at Whisky is nothing less than sinfully blissful.

Restaurant Review

Bottega Montreal

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie that’s – Bottega. The fast paced up and coming world of Napoli has been brought to Montreal in the form of Napoli’s pride: pizza. At Bottega you won’t find any thick crusted, over topped pies. What you will find is pizza the way it was meant to taste – wood oven baked, thinly crusted, perfectly topped, and carefully constructed.

The recipe for success is simple. For one little slice of heaven take Chef Fabrizzio Covone, send him to Napoli to study pizza-making techniques for two years, throw in an imported stone oven, and choose a quiet street in Little Italy in order to concoct a perfectly blended creation. Although the pizzas are the main attraction at Bottega, don’t skimp on the appetizers. Eggplant cooked to perfection and warm, spicy, Italian olives are just the beginning. In addition, who can resist the “dolce” with a selection such as home made panna cotta, bite sized cannolli, and tiramisu done right? You won’t find any ingredients from a box inside of this restaurant so don’t expect any photos on the menu, or flip-top dessert cards resting on the table.

Travel Writing Excerpt

Cappella Sistina

The Sistine Chapel is located within the Vatican museum amidst the walls of Vatican City. Before reaching the Vatican, be aware that you will be required to wait in line for anywhere from half an hour to one full hour in the brutal sun -- bring lots of water and sunblock! Upon entering the city (and sidestepping the numerous street sellers desperately trying to sell you a knock-off designer bag), you will be approached by one or more "professional tour guides." While these guides are legit, they are pricey. When you do reach the museum, it is nearly impossible to head straight for the Sistine chapel without walking through nearly every other display the museum has to offer. Stop, browse, enjoy the courtyard and fountains, and then head into Michelangelo’s own masterpiece theatre.